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Words with Friends - A ConversationWriting tips for the small business – my top 10 list. Every business should have a blog – it’s the best way to let others know about all the improvements, new products and services you offer. The blog or website should be the hub of ALL your marketing efforts – not Facebook. Of course you want to share on Facebook, but what if there was a service interruption and you lost everything there?

Think of writing about your business just like the popular game WORDS with friends – make it a conversation! Here are my top 10 tips for writing your next blog article:

1. Use bulleted or numbered lists to educate your target audience on the benefits of your business services or products.

2. Promote all your company news on the blog. Begin by creating the first paragraph with the facts, then weave in more details to build a better description – along with an image or series of photos.

3. Promote an upcoming event and share information on all the details, along with a few images to make it memorable.

4. Take photos at the event of your products, your employees, and your happy customers and prospects.

5. Extremely long articles are not necessary when writing, as you don’t want to lose your reader, although it has been proven longer articles do get better rankings. Readers on the web can be characterized as “skimmers”, so use short sentences, words and paragraphs so the reader does not move on to something else.

6. Just use factual statements to build your credibility, rather than adjectives and inflated claims like “best” or “world’s greatest”.

More Ideas

7. Break up your article with headlines in bold type to help draw attention to new ideas.

8. Brainstorm on future blog articles and create a calendar. Some of the ideas can be driven by partnerships, an anniversary, new employees, announcements, new equipment, a move, or even welcoming new businesses to your neighborhood or market center.

9. Offer “how to” tips. For instance, if you sell dog food, you can offer tips on how to keep your dog healthy. You get the idea.

10. Upload a video of you or the owner talking about the business philosophy or talk about the inspirational benefits of using your products or services.

Go ahead – tell the story of your business. Not just one time, but often. Got writers block? If you need help generating content, contact 7 waves. We offer content generation for websites and blogging for businesses.


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