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The Power of the Seventh Wave

The ocean is intensely powerful, teeming with life, and in a constant state of motion — even when it appears to be still.

The ebb and flow of the tide creates waves that shape the shore. Each wave can pound the sand or gently caress it. Waves come in from unexpected directions, sometimes when you least expect them. Some are created in storms thousands of miles away, while others are whipped up by nearby winds.

But the Seventh Wave is the stuff of legends and has been debated by sailors for centuries. According to lore, the Seventh Wave is believed to be the most powerful, having gained a head of speed and magnitude unprecedented by the previous six.

That’s exactly how we approach each wave of your Online Marketing — a culmination of powerful forces that floods your target audiences from all sides — and leaves them wanting more.

Or as we like to say when in the creative mode – Surf’s Up!