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Dive in to social media and do more than just tread water.


The Potential of Social Media 2012 - Seven Waves MarketingSocial media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, are great outlets for a small business or non-profit. But not everyone has the right knack, voice, or tone.

Don’t let it all overwhelm you. We are experienced in knowing how to translate your brand into an enthusiastic, helpful, likable social media presence — one that endears itself to potential customers and doesn’t yell or overwhelm them. And we have the statistics and case studies to prove it.

The Strategy

First we provide you with the right combination of outlets, and how often and what tone the messaging should be. We recommend a plan to help you share, relate, interact and listen to your customers in a way that makes them like you. A lot.

  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Twitter Talk – Learning the Lingo
  • Social Media Networking – Learn how to network online
  • One-on-one sessions

The Content

We create and recommend ongoing content for your social media outlets to foster a strong and steady relationship with your fan base. We research related events and content to embellish your own posts with news they can use and appreciate.

And of course, we make sure your Social Media integrates seamlessly with your Public Relations and Online Marketing efforts. So everything flows to the consumer in a calculated ebb and flow.


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