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Universal email SymbolEmail is a common denominator for getting the word out about your products and services and should be part of your primary marketing strategy.

According to Silverpop, “Click through rates are still higher than online advertising.” That’s 3.1 percent average click through in the U.S., according to their 2012 study. So in practical terms, if you build a list of 10,000, then you’ll likely have 1,500 people open your mail and around 300 click to your promotion.

So many small business owners are still sitting on the sidelines wanting to create or upgrade their email campaign and even have a list of email addresses waiting to be used. It’s time to take action and here are seven reasons to begin.

Email Marketing Still Works

1. Cost effective and builds your company brand. Even if you factor in the cost of a marketing professional for layout, writing or design, email marketing is lower than the cost of direct mail.

2. Targeting. Messages can be targeted to a specific page on your website or blog. This works well for new service offerings, a sale or a timely coupon.

3. List Management. Separate emails can go out to select groups within your email list.

4. Immediate delivery. No delay waiting on the mail.

5. Auto Responders. Many services offer an auto responder feature which sends a quick thank you message to a new person who subscribes to your list.

6. Speed. Alert your customers about new products or specials as it happens – then share on your favorite social media channels.

7. Tracking. It’s easy to measure your marketing efforts and to find out how many people read your message, and how many clicked through to a specified page on your website.

Which Service to Use?

There are many services available, which can prevent the backfire of spam, offer attractive graphic design, do-it-yourself logo uploads, and list management. When searching for your own solution, search for a site that offers a demo or plenty of screenshots.

Look for upfront pricing with no hidden requests. A top 50 list was recently published in a web journal and the website for the number one service requested an email address immediately without offering any information. This is an automatic red flag.

Make sure your service offers a mobile solution, as many of your readers will read your email on the go.

There are many email management products, but some of the most popular include:

Have fun putting together your campaign, but beware of spamming and make sure you have permission to add someone to your subscription list.

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