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 A Life Course of Miracles and Prayer

Life Course of Miracles

Miracles and Prayer

Throughout the years, my aunt talked to me about little stories that could only be explained as miracles from God. I was able to convince her to record her thoughts so that others could learn about the amazing things that have happened during her life. The fact that God allows ordinary people to see phenomenal miracles is something that should be shared, not only in our families, but also with everyone we encounter.

By Cathy Rodgers

Join me as I share stories of miracles: split second interventions from near fatal car crashes, gallstone pain, migraines, a heart attack, and permanent paralysis. Read the words of hope spoken at just the right time, along with visions from heaven. These are the ways God chooses to work in ordinary lives.

“One generation will praise your deeds to another…”  Psalm 145:4.

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