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The Benefits of Blogging.

Power of Influence has moved to the web. It’s clear we are no longer solely influenced by rock stars, TV shows and hollywood. According to Mark Schaefer, “Content that moves is power.” He calls it the 7th weapon of influence, referencing his book, Return on Influence. He is also the author of Born to Blog.

Mark recently spoke at the Solo PR Summit, where he said, “Influence has been democratized – it’s no longer where you went to school or where you live.” Yes, this means that everyone or every business can now have a voice and get their message out there.

Web Power and Bieber Fever

BieberDid you know that Billboard magazine now uses You Tube to rank songs? It’s the same way Justin Bieber was discovered. He posted videos on You Tube, where he was discovered by someone who soon became his agent and then introduced him to Usher. Now Bieber is a household name and his signature name rarely gets “spell checked” when texting. This is just a glimpse at the power of the web.

Let’s bring all this inspiration down to the level of the average business owner. Telling the story of your business through blogging has been the cornerstone of social media for years. It was one of the first ways to share opinions, images and stories. Guess what? Blogging is not dead!!

We all know the purpose of a blog is to draw traffic to our website, but creating fresh content – the key to being liked, shared, tweeted and talked about, is a hurdle to overcome for so many. Writing about your passion or what you know is the best way to get the word out. Asking someone to take a look at your business from their perspective can also give you some inspiration. By the way, when posting information not created by you, it causes confusion and drives people away from your brand.

Inspiration to Blog

Watch this Mark W. Schaefer video interview and get inspired to blog. Takeaways: Learn about social scoring and Klout, reasons why monetizing your blog may not be the best way to go, and building your blog organically – one reader at a time. Mary Ellen Miller of Marketing Mel interviewed the keynote speaker at the Solo PR Summit:


If you don’t know where to start or need a “voice” for your brand, drop us an email.

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