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Famous Bloggers and 12 Unique Content Promotion Tips
by Cathy Rodgers

If you’ve heard of Julie & Julia or the Pioneer Woman, then you know it all started with a blog. The Pioneer Woman started taking photos and talking about her life on the farm: rounding up cattle, adventures of her four children, sharing cooking tips and recipes and basically keeping it all together.

Blogging is Not About Luck - 7 Waves Marketing
She created a following by being real and opening the door of her everyday life to the world. She’s made it to the Food Network and now businesses like Bush’s Beans include the Pioneer Woman as part of their business Strategy – which means she writes about using Bush’s Beans on her blog and they pay her!


So how do blogs like this grow? Is it luck? No, it’s word and subject searches on search engines. It’s also word of mouth, it’s sharing on Facebook, it’s talking about it on Twitter and more.

Blogging can drive traffic to your website. I’ve noticed when I blog, the visitors to my site increase by about 25%. I can look at the most popular subjects I’ve written on and then make that a priority for my next writing.

Your blog or Website should ALWAYS be the source of your business news, THEN you can share on Facebook or Twitter with a link back to your site. Why? Because you own your website, and Facebook changes frequently and so do their rules.

Think of a blog as your own personal news channel. I challenge you to think of 10 things about your business others will find interesting, along with some photos to illustrate. Here are some ideas for content you can try to Promote your Business:

1) New products.

2) An installation or services in action.

3) How –To Tips.

4) Happy customers with your products.

5) Unusual features of your services.

6) Tie your business to pets or sports.

7) Your products or services with trendy topics or services.

8) Partner with complimentary businesses and cross-blog.

9) Breaking news: Simplify new technology information.

10) If you have a store-front location: photos, photos, photos.

11) Go back to the basics of your business and write about how you or your products can help others save time, money or provide amazement.

12) Take a team approach like Paula Deen. While Paula Deen cooks and entertains the likes of Liza Minelli and famous celebrity chefs, the public can learn what happens behind the scenes from staff members, along with some photos prior to airing on TV. Take a look:

Learn from the best – go to the Pioneer Woman and read “10 Important Things I’ve Learned about Blogging”.

There are many approaches to writing, so read, read, read to get ideas and never give up. If you need help with web content writing, drop us a line here at 7 Waves.

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