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Seven Waves Marketing Celebrates Three Years in Business


7 Waves Marketing Celebrates 3 Years in BusinessIt’s been three years since Seven Waves Marketing opened the door for business. Many things have happened since that first day, which include classes, campaigns, crashes, research, changes in partnerships, technology upgrades and making new friends.

Here are some things I have learned along the way. Starting a business is a process and so is the development of a three-year-old child.

Checklist for a Three-Year-Old

1. Can identify self by first and last name: Translation = Networking

Meeting new people, trading business cards and showing up at business meetings and events have allowed me to grow my physical friendship connections.

2. Recognizes Needs & Desires of Others: Translation = Market Demand

I thought I would go out and build blogs and write and promote businesses online. Each person I met (every single one!) turned to me and said, “So you build websites?” Ok, I build websites now because the market demanded it.

3. Names Familiar People: Translation = Social Media

Bringing new friendships into the memory realm through social media has allowed me to keep up with people I no longer work with or see at business meetings. So I simply keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter. I’ve even met new friends online, and had the pleasure of meeting them in person at various conventions and seminars. I also educate businesses on marketing themselves through social media.

4. Fills & Dumps Containers with Sand: Translation = Busy Does not = $$

I can firmly say that being busy does not generate money equal to the time involved and does not lead to a long-term business relationship. Moving from tasks to strategy has helped me take a look at things differently, and I am still working on it. I’ve also had to eliminate some memberships, refine the amount of time I spend online and analyze what efforts genuinely produce revenue. This can also double under the category of “demonstrates the understanding of numbers and counts to 10 by memory”.

5. Puts Together a 6 or 7 Piece Puzzle: Translation = Project Management

When working with small business owners, it’s definitely a challenge to bring all the marketing efforts together. I’ve found getting to know a business inside and out – then helping to manage their social media, blogging, website, copywriting, updating and promoting it all through PR and social media is what Seven Waves does best.

6. Retells Part of a Familiar Story: Translation = Writing

Words are powerful and telling the story of what goes on behind the front door of a business is an important part of marketing. It’s taking a business owner through an education process until the “aha” moment occurs. While the owner or manager of a business may be familiar with the founding and everyday activities, outsiders are not and it’s always interesting stuff!

7. Picks Self Up and Starts Again: Translation = Learns from Mistakes

Most mistakes I’ve made have been traced back to wanting to help, but not asking enough questions in regard to short-term and long-term marketing goals. So, I’m always refining what I do.

How about you? Do you have any start-up words of wisdom?





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