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Is Facebook a Time Waster?

A friend of mine recently asked how he could get his employees off of Facebook. Yes, this is while they are working on his payroll. Apparently he has the technology to monitor the sites visited on his company PC’s, and social media seems to be the speed bump for productivity in his office.

Time on Facebook - Productive or a Waste?

Is Facebook a time waster or can it be productive?

So I turned it around and asked how he could channel the energy and enthusiasm of his employees to help him market his business on Facebook? This approach may offer a win/win environment rather than implementing more monitoring and limitations.

Most likely his employees are “multi-tasking” with several windows open at once, flipping back and forth between updates and work. Kathy Burnsed with Perfect Timing Today says, “multi-tasking is one of the biggest time wasters in the workplace.” Think about it, every time the inbox “dings” with an incoming email, this takes you away from the task at hand and causes you to focus on the new crisis or interruption at hand. Let’s turn all that into productivity.

Turn Social Media Abusers into Ambassadors

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Propose a social media policy and have employees help create the draft to gain their buy-in and insights.

2) Have a round table discussion on marketing, social media, how to improve the company’s Facebook presence, and what can be shared publicly.

3) Make them administrators of the company Facebook page.

4) What to share?

a. Start with the company blog post, which should offer newsworthy tips.

b. Photos of customers, events, or areas of interest.

5) Create pride in your company and share the brand. Have the employees invite their friends to the company Facebook page.

6) Give clear direction for the amount of work that needs to be accomplished for your business. Many times if things are not clear, then time wasting tactics kick in.


Social media may seem like a time drain, when in fact, it can promote your brand to future customers.

Need some specific social media ideas for your business? Drop me a line.

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