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Targeting Your Audience with Intelligence

facebook-studentsAdvertising on Facebook has reached new heights. One of the most economical ways to advertise on this platform is with a new feature called “Boost Post”. Boosting allows you to promote individual daily posts with a photo. This means no artwork has to be developed!

For only $20 – $30 business owners can target people who like their page and their friends, or reach beyond the usual and target people within a certain geographic area, by gender, by age, or even by interest. The impact is powerful and the multiplication factor can be measured in reports.

Traditional Facebook advertising campaigns are still available and equally as effective. This is an example of a recent campaign I ran for a client in August, which was a regional ad campaign targeted to women in specific cities within a certain age bracket.

  • Ran for 27 days on a budget of $20 per day
  • Gained 473 new page likes
  • There were 747 clicks on the ad
  • Cost per click was only $1.09

There are many opportunities for advertising – but it all depends on where your clients are. If your potential clients drive down a certain road everyday, then you may want to purchase a billboard. But if the people you want to reach are on Facebook (which is where a lot of people even go for their news now) then why not try it out?

If I can help you manage your Facebook advertising or train you how to run a campaign yourself, please contact me.


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