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Five Tips for an Effective Campaign

email-marketingEmail is still effective, and it’s a primary way to communicate. Sure, we can communicate via Facebook chat or in a text message, but if we are just casual friends or just reaching out to someone new, then email is absolutely the best way, next to a phone call. Why? Every online account is attached to an email address, which makes it an essential communication tool.

Too Much Communication?

The new and overused trend is the daily email. What may have started out as a gentle “I’m here to motivate you and get you going kind of message” can quickly turn into UNSUBSCRIBE! Yes, the balance between too little and too much is a tightrope to walk, but getting a daily email from someone who wants to be my best friend is seriously annoying. Actually, it’s totally unlikely (because my BFF would be sending a text!)

Email Generates Revenue

Email will always deal with the reputation that it’s passe,” said Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave Marketing and author of The New Inbox: Why Email Marketing Is the Digital Marketing Hub in a Social & Mobile World. “It’s not a sexy tool like Pinterest or Instagram or Vine. But the pendulum has really swung back in the last few years, spurred in part by the recession. People want things that generate revenue, not just bright shiny objects.”

Five Tips For Email Campaign Success 

  1. Offer valuable information.
  2. Offer an incentive or discount to do business with you.
  3. Don’t be deceiving in your title.
  4. Check your spam box for lessons on what NOT to do.
  5. Drive your message directly to your hub of business – your website.

Is Your email Campaign Mobile Ready?

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, “mobile also presents challenges for email marketers. Forty percent of all emails are now viewed on smartphones, which means they must be coded to be attractive on a phone screen. Seventy percent of consumers will unsubscribe from your emails if they look bad on a mobile device.”

Do you need help generating an email campaign? Would you like to market offers to your clients, but want to avoid direct mail?   Let’s chat about your goals. Email.



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