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Animated Videos – Harry Potter Advertising is Here

Harry Potter Animated Video Advertising

Auto-Play Videos Now Activated on Facebook Animated videos have debuted on Facebook. Have you noticed? Videos are now on auto-play right inside your Facebook news feed. Futuristic Hollywood is here. Remember the early Harry Potter movies with the animated telephone posters and newspaper ads? Now you will find videos from friends playing automatically in your […]

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Help – Should my Business be on Facebook?

Ramping up your Online Brand Report after report indicates national advertising budgets are shifting from TV, print, and magazines toward social media. Gigantic budgets paying for TV time and print placement are now paying for social media time at an hourly rate. Many analysts have also reported social media sites (especially Facebook) are the demise […]

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Find Your Story and Develop Your PR Brand

So What’s Your Story? This first appeared on the Marketing Mel site, by Guest Blogger Cathy Rodgers, owner of 7 Waves Marketing Everywhere I look, it seems the same message is being told: “invest in content,” “know who you are trying to reach,” and “the story is important.” Telling the story of what goes on […]

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Three Things I Learned About Social Media at the Inbound Marketing Conference

Personalization seemed to be the theme of the IMS 2011 conference, which translates to making it easy for others to communicate with you. These are just three practical takeaways I learned and wanted to share. Your Twitter Identity. When several panelists began sounding off their Twitter ID’s with underscores and numbers my friend and I […]

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