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Animated Videos – Harry Potter Advertising is Here

Harry Potter Animated Video Advertising

Auto-Play Videos Now Activated on Facebook Animated videos have debuted on Facebook. Have you noticed? Videos are now on auto-play right inside your Facebook news feed. Futuristic Hollywood is here. Remember the early Harry Potter movies with the animated telephone posters and newspaper ads? Now you will find videos from friends playing automatically in your […]

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The Powerful Impact of Facebook Advertising


Targeting Your Audience with Intelligence Advertising on Facebook has reached new heights. One of the most economical ways to advertise on this platform is with a new feature called “Boost Post”. Boosting allows you to promote individual daily posts with a photo. This means no artwork has to be developed! For only $20 – $30 […]

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Three Things I Learned About Social Media at the Inbound Marketing Conference

Personalization seemed to be the theme of the IMS 2011 conference, which translates to making it easy for others to communicate with you. These are just three practical takeaways I learned and wanted to share. Your Twitter Identity. When several panelists began sounding off their Twitter ID’s with underscores and numbers my friend and I […]

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Looking for Instant Success? Social Media is Not your Answer

My friend Gary at G Social Mediarecently penned these words on Twitter: “Do you want to get rich overnight? #SocialMedia is NOT the way to make it happen. #SM is like farming. You plant, water & hope it grows”. Social media really takes time to develop. Here’s an ironic report of expectations. Last summer, a […]

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If Facebook is so Easy – Why So Many Questions?

It’s a do-it-yourself world, yet we still get a lot of questions about Facebook . And with so much information and so many pieces to manage, it’s no wonder. What may look easy, can get quite complicated. There are many applications you can feed into a business page including your blog, Twitter conversations, interactive graphic […]

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