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Anatomy of a Blog Post in Word Press

Anatomy of a Blog Post

Writing Tips to Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly Here’s the anatomy of a blog post in Word Press outlined just for you.  Writing for the web should never be random and this tool will help you get focused.    First of all, think about the purpose of your blog.  Are you trying to sell something?  […]

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Power of Influence has Moved to the Web


The Benefits of Blogging. Power of Influence has moved to the web. It’s clear we are no longer solely influenced by rock stars, TV shows and hollywood. According to Mark Schaefer, “Content that moves is power.” He calls it the 7th weapon of influence, referencing his book, Return on Influence. He is also the author […]

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March Blogging Madness

Famous Bloggers and 12 Unique Content Promotion Tipsby Cathy Rodgers If you’ve heard of Julie & Julia or the Pioneer Woman, then you know it all started with a blog. The Pioneer Woman started taking photos and talking about her life on the farm: rounding up cattle, adventures of her four children, sharing cooking tips […]

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Help – Should my Business be on Facebook?

Ramping up your Online Brand Report after report indicates national advertising budgets are shifting from TV, print, and magazines toward social media. Gigantic budgets paying for TV time and print placement are now paying for social media time at an hourly rate. Many analysts have also reported social media sites (especially Facebook) are the demise […]

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The Story Behind your Business – Tell it in a Blog

While reading a summer novel, I nearly choked when I ran across these lines: “ A blog. I see. Well, to my way of thinking, all blogs do is put all your thoughts out there for anyone to steal for their book or their magazine article. You’re just giving it away. Maybe. Ain’t no maybe […]

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