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It’s Time to Start Your Blog

7WavesSandA blog platform is the place to actualize your work, your ministry, or your mission. It’s a place to tell your story of overcoming, while inspiring others as you continue in your own journey, or a place to launch a new product or book. We can help. Blogging was the first element of the social media revolution, and it’s still going strong.

Let us guide you as you discover your own blogging voice, so that your individuality shines through. Think of a blog as your own personal sandbox, where you can connect and create.

Services Include

  • Setup and installation of your branded site using WordPress*
  • If you’re starting a new venture and need a brainstorming partner, see our Brand Nourishment services.
  • Training on making your own changes.

*We find WordPress to be the most user friendly blogging format, and here are a few examples:

Cathy Chats

Janee White

Lindsey Hardy