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Auto-Play Videos Now Activated on Facebook

Harry Potter Animated Video AdvertisingAnimated videos have debuted on Facebook. Have you noticed? Videos are now on auto-play right inside your Facebook news feed. Futuristic Hollywood is here. Remember the early Harry Potter movies with the animated telephone posters and newspaper ads? Now you will find videos from friends playing automatically in your Facebook news stream – but only from mobile video uploads, and certainly not applications such as You Tube.

Facebook seems to be “favoriting” the mobile market. Content, and especially mobile uploads, will most likely be higher ranked in the future. The Facebook team said, “you may start to notice links to articles a little more often (particularly on mobile).”

Quality Content from the Mobile Market

Already, blog posts and text links seem to go unnoticed in the Facebook news feed, while mobile photos quickly get liked and commented on. But don’t change your whole Facebook strategy because of this change, and don’t abandon blogging (more on this later), but try sprinkling in more mobile shots and compare the results.

In other news, it looks like the big blue “f” wants to be the go-to source for news, and they don’t mind sharing those outside links – as long as those articles get the most views. According to a recent news release by Facebook, “Our surveys show that on average, people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports team or shared interests …”

And, the good news? Facebook apparently pays attention to surveys – but like Neilson TV ratings, not everyone gets to fill out a survey. What we do know is Facebook is the master of data collection and if there are protests to commercials in our feed (most likely they are next in line), then the consensus will be heard.

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